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Christmas 2012

Right before Christmas we had a big snow storm. There was so much snow they closed schools and I was worried we might not be able to make it to my grandparents house in time for Christmas. As excited as I was for the time off of school I was happy to see lots of plows trucks clearing the roads.

Even with all the snow we were able to leave just like we had planned. I wanted to take a picture next to the snow to show my grandparents. The snow in front of our house was almost as tall as me!

While we were loading the car I had to play in the snow just a little before spending several hours sitting in the car.

When we got to my grandparents house my cousin Ce Ce was there waiting for me. My parents wanted to get a couple of pictures of us together, but we were so busy running around that none of them turned out.

Christmas morning there were two stocking waiting for us by the fire place. We were excited to see what was in them, but waited long enough to pose for one picture.

We each got a stuffy, a necklace, a headband and hair clips, a small toy and some candy.

We both got other presents to open. My family tried to take pictures while we were opening them, but we were so excited they didn’t have a chance. I did pose after we had opened everything. I got a new boots, a Rubik’s cube in my favorite colors, a sketch book and a leopard color by number set.

I am happy the snow didn’t change our plans. Does your family have winter holiday traditions?

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