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Happy Halloween

I was excited for Halloween this year, and really what is not to love about a holiday that involves costumes and lots of candy.

The plan was to go trick-or-treating with my friend Cordelia and her little sister. I was ready to go right after school, but my parents insisted that I eat “something real” before heading out for the evening.

Right as I finished my pizza the door bell rang and the door opened, but instead of a chorus of “trick-or-treat,” I heard my mom say, “welcome ladies, Athena is in the kitchen.” A minute later Cordelia and Laurel both came into the kitchen and wished me a Happy Halloween.

After taking care of my plate I invited Cordelia to my room to help me get ready.

I showed her the cat costume that my grandma made me, I told her I wanted to be a cat for Halloween and just like magic the my costume came in the mail.

I was excited to see Cordelia’s costume as well. When she said that she was going to be a coral reef for Halloween I had a hard time imagining how that would work. Then she started talking nonstop a couple of weeks ago about how she and her parents were making her costume out of paper, I really couldn’t wrap my head around how that would work, but it turned out great.

We left Laurel with our parents while I got ready. When we got out into the living room she was running around flapping her cape with her arms trying to make her wings work, but we got her to stand still long enough to pose for a photo before we headed out for trick-or-treating.

When we were done trick-or-treating Cordelia’s mom took Laurel home because it was past her normal bed time but Cordelia got permission to stay at my house for a little while.

Once we were inside and warmed up the first item of business was to check out our candy. After spreading everything out we each put our favorites back into our buckets and then traded each other so we both ended up with the kinds of candy we like the best.

We each ate a couple or pieces of candy and then my mom said it was time to walk Cordelia home because it was a school night. I think this was the best Halloween yet.

Does your family celibate Halloween, did you wear a costume?

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