St. Nicolas Day

Last year my friend Cordelia invited me to her house for St. Nicolas Day, it was really exciting because Santa visits me every year for Christmas but I had never celebrated St. Nicolas Day.

I was really hoping that St. Nicolas would visit me at home this year but I moved rooms last weekend so I was worried that even if he found the right house St. Nicolas might not be able to find me in my new room. Addy and Josefina kept me company while I read a book to keep my mind busy until it was time for bed.

As I got ready for bead my parents said they would make sure St. Nicolas knew where to find me and that I had been (mostly) good this year. I lined my shoes up neatly at the end of the bed so they would be easy to find, even in the dark. I’m not sure how adults communicate with St. Nicolas but I guess maybe there is a special number so they can send him a text.

In the morning sun filled my room as Cricket nuzzled himself under my hand.

As I sat up I could hear Cricket playing with something on the floor and was excited to find that it was a treat bag in my shoe from St. Nicolas!

I picked up the bag and brought Addy and Josefina onto my lap so they could be with me when I opened the bag.

I emptied the bag onto my bed to see what kind of treats I got.

I helped myself to a piece of chocolate right away, I am sure chocolate before breakfast is allowed on St. Nicolas day. Addy is holding up her favorite, peppermint candy!

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