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Basket Tutorial

My friend Kit found a tutorial to make your own basket with card stock. I thought it sounded like fun so we looked at the directions and gathered all of the supplies. The first step was to measure and cut strips ΒΌ inch wide and slightly longer than the circumference of your basket. We have a paper cutter at my house, so I asked for help and we were able to skip that step.

The next step was to trace two circles for each basket. This will be the bottom of your basket. You can make it whatever size you want; our circles have a diameter of 2 inches

Next you carefully cut out your circles.

We decided that both of our baskets would have a base and sides that were yellow and have green and our favorite color woven in. We cut the yellow strips in half and put a small amount of glue on one of the circles.

We carefully arranged the strips around the circle. If you use yellow card stock it looks like a sun at this point! Our baskets had sixteen strips in them, but as long as it is an even number and they are evenly spaced it will work. After your base strips are in place you put glue on your second circle and place it on top of the first, sandwiching in your strips of paper.

After your glue is dry fold up your base strips, for us that is the yellow ones. Then weave your long strips of paper and glue the ends together creating a ring.

Continue weaving your long strips alternating colors until your basket is as tall as you would like. We used five strips of paper on ours.

Next trim your base strips (yellow for us) so that they are about 1 inch taller than your basket. Fold over every other yellow strip and tuck it inside the basket. Next make one more colored ring and glue the ends together. Carefully place the ring inside your basket and fold the remaining yellow strips over the ring tucking them inside the basket.

The final step is to create your handle. We used a strip of yellow that was 8 inches long. We were able to secure the handle by weaving it between the colored rings on the inside of the basket.

We are ready for an egg hunt!

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