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Athena’s New Doll

I really wanted to get the Girl of the Year, Grace. It took the money I had saved from Christmas gifts, my birthday money and lots of work around the house but last week I finally met my savings goal. I made a deal with my parents, they agreed that I saved enough to buy the doll I wanted they would cover the shipping cost.

Today when my parents picked me up from school they said that the package from American Girl had arrived. As soon as I got inside I ran to my room and found Grace sitting by my bed.

Waiting for the package to arrive has been really hard, and I was excited to free Grace from her box but I knew that I had to do one thing first. I called my friend Cordelia and asked her to bring her doll Sienna and come over to my house as soon as she could.

It didn’t take long for Cordelia to arrive. With Sienna under her arm we ran into my room so I could show her Grace.

With great anticipation, we both sat down on the floor for the unboxing.

Cordelia held Sienna up so she could get a good look at her newest friend. Not wanting to be left out of the action my cat Cricket came to watch as well.

We held the dolls up so they could shake hands and officially meet.

I am excited to have a new doll and being able to experience it with a friend makes it even better.

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A Surprise for Athena

I spent Friday night at my friend Cordelia’s house. When my parents picked me up they seemed really excited, I figured that they just missed me and were happy to see me. In the car I began to suspect that they were up to something and as soon as we got home my suspicions were confirmed. When I walked through the door they told me that they had a surprise for me.

When I walked into my bedroom I found a new bed set.

I picked out my old comforter when I was really young and it seemed a little babyish to me, so I had been bugging my parents to redecorate.

I love my new bedding, it is my favorite color and fits my style perfectly. What a great surprise!

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