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Winter Break

I had an awesome winter break.  I visited my grandparents house for Christmas. I was excited that I was able to wear my new dress when we went out for dinner on Christmas eve.

We were in a rush to be on time for our reservations so when we got back my parents wanted take my picture.

After I hung my stocking by the fireplace I looked outside in case Santa was running early and I could catch a glimpse of him. I didn’t see Santa or any reindeer, just a nice blanket of snow to make them feel at home.

I woke up early on Christmas morning, my stocking was full of candy and there were gifts under the tree with my name on them. I got a new outfit, earrings, a Fancy Frost N Glaze Lalaloopsy doll, art supplies and a new outfit for my American Girl doll. I played with my new toys and spent time with my parents for the rest of Christmas day. On boxing day we packed up the car and headed home.

When I got back home I arranged a time for Lydia to come over so we could exchange gifts.

She said I could open mine first.

From the first peek I could see that it was pink!

<img src=
I love the Hello Kitty lunchbox Lydia gave me! I set it to the side because I was so excited for her to open the gift I found for her.

I was so excited for her to see what was in the box that I told her to rip faster.

Doesn’t she look surprised!

Lydia loved the squirrel stuffed animal I got her.

Here we are with our gifts. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing. I wanted Lydia to stay overnight, but when we asked our parents said “not today.”

A few days later I arrived at Lydia’s ready to spend the night. We played in the snow for a long time working on a giant snow fort. When we both got too cold to stay out any longer we went inside for hot cocoa. Just after dinner we decided to change into our pajamas.

After playing with our dolls I had the idea to style Lydia’s hair. She agreed and said I could do anything that I wanted! I put it up in pigtails and used pink hair ties to match the Piglets on her pajamas.

It turned out so well that we decided we should pose for a picture.

After I finished with Lydia’s hair it was starting to get late, so we pulled the quilt off her bed and snuggled up with our stuffed animals to watch a movie before bed. We planned to stay up all night talking but when the movie was done Lydia’s parents said it was “lights out,” we stayed up talking in the dark for awhile but we were both really tired so we didn’t last long. I don’t remember it but the next morning Lydia said that I fell asleep right in the middle of a story! In the morning my parents picked me up, I was so tired that I took a nap that afternoon.

My winter break was awesome. I saw my grandparents, spent time with my best friend, slept in late almost every day and got fun presents. Even though I had a lot of fun, at the end I was almost ready to go back to school.

Did you have a long winter break? Did you do anything fun?

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