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Valentine’s Paper Chain

Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without a craft, so I invited my friend Lydia over to make a heart paper chain.

If you want to make your own chain you will need a few colors of paper. I chose red, pink and white because they are the official Valentine’s Day colors.

First cut the paper into thin strips.

Next fold one paper strip in half. Then use your fingers to gently curl the cut ends in.

Then add a little glue to the end of the strip, bend it in and attach the other end of the strip to form a heart.

Lydia and each made a heart in our favorite color.

After you have two hearts connect them with a third heart to start forming a chain.

Continue to add links until the chain is the length you want.

As we held the chain up to admire our work, Cricket broke the “no cats on the table” rule to investigate.

What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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