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Outdoor Gymnastics

Athena had the opportunity to spend some time outside on an unseasonably warm fall day. The early setting sun reminded her that fall is really on its way.

I love days like today, school has started signaling the start of fall, but the sun is still warm enough that I don’t need a sweatshirt or jacket. I know winter will be here soon, so I want to spend time outside and soak up as much warm sun as I can.

After climbing halfway up the hill to get to the swing I was inspired to see how high I could get and how far I could see. I grabbed the rope, ran and jumped on to the swing. I held on tight to the rope and leaned back, with the wind on my face I felt like I was flying!

After swinging as high as I could I decided the best way to get the view that I wanted was to climb a tree. The swing is on a tree, but the branches are all too high for me to reach. I’m not very tall so finding a tree with branches low enough for me to reach and thick enough to hold me can be challenging, but I found a tree leaning so much I could climb it without using any branches.

After enjoying the view I decided that I could make my own backyard gymnastics routine. I dismounted the vault threw my hands in the air to salute the tree shaped judges, I am pretty sure they were impressed.

After the vault I moved to my balance beam routine.

After several leaps, jumps and turns I dismounted.

I sat down to rest until the sun dropped below the trees and the cool breeze chased me inside.

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