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Athena and Lydia Explore

Lydia loves to spend time outside surrounded by nature.  I love to spend time with Lydia and am always up for an adventure, so when she asked me go go exploring, I happily agreed.

We started to walk down a trail, keeping our eyes peeled for poison ivy.  Lydia was pointing out and naming different plants and wildflowers the whole way.

We stopped by this small pool of water to see if we could see anything in it.  Lydia loves all living things, she even wore a shirt with a dragonfly on it!  I like some bugs, and wildlife that is cute and furry but I was thankful it has been too cold for mosquitoes.  There is a large pond on the other side of the plants behind us, but we couldn’t get close enough to look at it.

At the end of the trail was a field full of dandelions.

We laid down in the grass to soak up the warmth of the setting sun.

After awhile we decided we should walk home before it got dark, but promised that we would be back soon to do more exploring.

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