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Making Valentines

I love Valentine’s Day. What is not to love about a day where you get to tell family and friends how much they mean to you, plus pink is my favorite color.

I invited Lydia over so we could make valentines for our classmates. I told her I would be wearing my new dress and she should wear something special pink or with hearts. She told me I was being silly and protested, but when she arrived she was wearing the perfect dress.

After gathering all of our supplies we made plans for our valentines. I chose to use the brightest paper I could find, while Lydia went with the traditional pink and red.

We both decided that our valentines would have two hearts on each card. I have 27 kids in my class and Lydia has 26 in hers, which equals lots of hearts!

We carefully arranged and glued the hearts on each card.

After the glue dried we flipped the cards over and started to write out one card for each kid in our class.

While we were writing Cricket jumped up on the table. Even though he is not allowed on the table I thought it was funny that he wanted to supervise so I let him stay, until he started pawing at my marker!

Here we are with a few of our favorite cards ready to take to school.
Do you have a favorite way celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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