St. Nicholas Day

When my friend Cordelia asked me what St. Nicholas usually brought me I was confused. My first response was, “Do you mean Santa Claus?” She explained that Santa visits on Christmas and brings lots of presents, St. Nicholas visits on December 6th and brings a small gift or candy. After she heard that St. Nicholas had never visited me I could tell that she had an idea, but she wouldn’t tell me what it was no matter how many times I asked.

I found out what her idea was the next day when she invited me to spend the night at her house on Friday night.

When I arrived on Friday evening Cordelia invited me into her room and showed me where I could keep my bag.

We played with our dolls until Cordelia’s parents told us it was time for bed.

Cordelia explained that we had to leave our shoes out for St. Nicholas. She told me that we should put the shoes outside her bedroom door, but we made a plan to leave them right by us in hopes of getting a glimpse at St. Nicholas. I was a little worried about eating candy that was in my shoe, but Cordelia told me not to worry.

I slept well until I got the feeling I was being watched. As soon as I opened my eyes I heard “Good morning sleepy head!”

I sat up to find Cordelia wide awake and sitting on her bed. I quickly looked at my shoes, and found that we both slept through it, but St. Nicholas had visited us and left something for each of us.

We took the packages out of our shoes and Cordelia made room for me on her bed.

With Josefina and Sienna by our sides we opened our gifts. “He knew that my favorite color is pink,” I exclaimed as I held up the lollipop that St. Nicholas left for me. Cordelia held up her favorite sour candy out of her package.

I am really happy that Cordelia invited me to spend the night at her house, I hope St. Nicholas remembers me next year.

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