Egg Hunt

I invited my friends over for an egg hunt.

My parents hid all of the eggs so I could participate in the hunt.

Lydia and Cordelia arrived right on time both wearing a fancy spring dress and carrying a basket.

We all started walking with our eyes on the ground for hidden eggs.

Lydia was the first to yell out, “I found one!”

I saw it a second later, just as Lydia bent over to pick up the egg. I decided that my best chance of finding an egg of my own was to space out from my friends.

It didn’t take long before I spotted one.

I reached down to pick up my first egg, which happened to be my favorite color.

Lydia’s luck continued and she found two eggs by the tree.

Cordelia found an egg nested in the Tulip leaves!

The tree looked like a perfect place for an egg to be hiding.

I was right, I found a green egg nestled in the trunk.

After we had searched the area and were sure we had all of the eggs my friends and I posed for a photo by the tree.
Have you ever participated in an egg hunt?

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