Mini Grace’s first stop part 4

All photos were taken by Winter at

Day #4 was a day of rest.
We played Settlers Of Catan. Grace was building a harbor, Saige was moving her pirate ship: We were so focused on the game, it took a minute to realize Josie was missing.

No worries, we soon found her. She had stockpiled all the gold, was rolling/playing in it, laughing maniacally and muttering something about becoming “supreme ruler of the universe”. She was terribly disappointed when bbp (big, big, person) Winter explained the gold is actually just cardboard.

She recovered quickly as the yummy smell of homemade nutmeg doughnuts wafted from the kitchen. Turns out bbp Ella is a terrific baker.

Lunch was also delicious

Bedtime, Josie and Grace received welcome gifts of tiny, guardian angel trolls. We’ll send them on their travels with them.

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