Mini Grace’s first stop part 5

All photos were taken by Winter at
We are up at o-dark-hundred! These bbp (big, big people) are crazy! We are headed to Chicago today. First stop, Red Band Coffee in Davenport, Iowa. Smoked Gouda and egg breakfast sandwiches on ciabatta rolls, Holy wow, sooo yummy. We thought they were silly to drive 20 minutes for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. That was before we tasted the natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe small batch drip, heaven. Truly, heaven in a cup. The bbp only let us little girls have a sip, bbp Winter made some excuse about coffee being bad for children. I honestly think she was just reluctant to share.

After breakfast we napped in the car. When we woke, we were in Chicago! It is a fun, busy city. First stop, the Field Museum.

The entrance

Mammoth Snacks, Saige was no help!

This is Sue

Aaaah, bbp Ella, Save us!

A typical pose: Josie, conquering another world; Grace befriending smaller persons and Saige resting!

This place is amazing. We spent all day here and only saw a tiny portion.

After the Field Museum, we went to The American Girl Store, had dinner at Mity Nice and headed back to our host family’s home.

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