Mini Grace’s first stop part 6

Day 6
We all slept in, everyone was worn out from yesterday. When we woke, we visited the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. We saw the home where he was born; it is tiny, just two rooms with the kitchen on the back porch!

We forgot the camera again so there are no photos for the next few days but we have some brochures in our boxes. Here is a link about the H. Hoover Library

Day 7
Today we went to Des Moines. Cousins from California were visiting Grandma. It was a lot of fun!

Day 8
On our way back from Des Moines, we visited Kalona, IA
It is an Amish/Mennonite Community. We toured an old fashioned farm, very different from modern factory farms! We saw beautiful quilts, bbp traveling by horse and buggy. It was very interesting. We saw a little girl with a cloth doll and the doll did not have a face!

day 9
was another quiet day. The bbp here have a tradition they call “jammie day”. They stay home, wear jammies or lounge clothes, play games and read to each other. It is not as boring as it sound. ;) Today’s game was trivial pursuit. Josie wanted to win, Grace just liked stacking the pieces. Isabelle is new here, she was adopted at MCM and she has an identical twin who was also adopted at MCM.

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