Mini Grace’s first stop part 7

All photos were taken by Winter at
Day 10
Best. Day. Yet.
We went to a street faire in Davenport and then to the Figge Art Museum.

An installation of giant, blown glass GMO corn, Scary and also really beautiful

The Figge has gorgeous art to look at but they also have tables and spaces where you can create your own art and leave it for other people to see! This table was filled with self-adhesive vinyl and cardboard forms. Can you see us?

Here is another room for patrons to create art. How cool is this!?! Can you see us here?

There we are, look, right there, on top of that table by those two girls.
We had lunch at Downtown Central Perk and we played Clue while we ate!
This is the point where the girls noticed the bbp (big, big people) don’t eat meat.

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